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If I had to step back and take a guess, I'd say I'm overanalyzing the situation.

Because on the flip side, I've learned and grown an immense amount through my long-term relationship — something my single friends might feel they're missing.

You also have the melancholy folks who walk around looking like Eeyore, transferring their bitterness and confusion onto others. (Zahara Johnson)But other times I wonder if I'm missing out on some early 20s rite of passage.

Don't get me wrong — I'm totally happy in my relationship.

New York City was second, with Portland, Oregon; San Jose, California; and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, rounding out the top five. 37, with a safety score of 6.52: The least safe city for online dating, according to the study, was Buffalo, New York, which had a safety score of 0.8.

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(Ellen Fishel)While there may still be a slight stigma, and long-term relationships certainly aren't the goal for many Tinder users, there's no question that this is a solid element of the modern dating scene.

There have been, of course, plenty of the horror stories, or just simply duds, that go hand-in-hand with online dating.

But there have also been way more successes than I would have expected.

So by side-stepping the dating process, am I forgoing an important growing experience?

Only years of hindsight will be able to answer that question, and I'm guessing by that point I'll feel silly for ever asking.

My boyfriend doesn't have Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook (I promise he's not weird), so even the classically millennial aspects of committed relationships tend not to apply.

On the other side of the coin, you have the butch lesbians.… continue reading »

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