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Director Kendrick shows commendable restraint during a late scene in which he appears as Tony’s boss at the Big Pharma company he works for—and forgives Tony for a workplace transgression without once bringing up the name of God.The Kendrick brothers sidestep social issues, which also seem like an unconscious aping of glossy Hollywood, in which pesky little political realties don’t exist.—and cry next to Christmas trees, despite that film’s many hackneyed religious devices.Directed by Alex Kendrick, who’s made a series of successful faith-based movies with his brother Stephen out of Georgia over the last decade, the movie is explicitly pitched at the 70 percent of Americans who identify as Christians but somehow feel ignored by secular Hollywood.The Bible Belt was revealed to be ripe with Ashley Madison members, leading one Louisiana minister to even commit suicide after being exposed. We're having trouble displaying this Scratch project. For me, I'd have to say that the Federal Court is my favorite because it's just looks good to me. Despite more people checking the box for religiously unaffiliated than ever before, belief in God is still hip enough that Barack Obama speaks continuously, as he’s done since before he was elected president, about the importance of prayer in his life.

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The film preaches to its flock, of course, insisting over and over that a moral life can only be lived through the grace of Jesus Christ, but is definitely not some dreary, dorky session of Sunday school.

From its very opening moments, when we see black female real estate agent confabbing with a mixed race couple in suburban Atlanta—it’s clear that the film, though proselytizing only at itself, is at least savvy enough to realize that “itself” doesn’t necessarily look like Mike Huckabee or Pat Robertson.And yet, the cumulative effect is rather easy to swallow.