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When t = 0, ln N(0) = C Taking exponentials of both sides, we get N(t) = N(0)exp(-Kt) If t = one half life, then N(t)/N(0) = 1/2 = exp(-Kt), and: ln(1/2) = -ln2 = -Kt, so t = ln2 / K So what we do in practice is determine the decay constant and calculate half life from it.

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If there were such a pair of isotopes, radiometric dating would be very simple.

In calculus terms, we write: d N(t)/dt = -K * N(t) or d N(t)/N(t) = -K dt The minus sign means that each decay decreases the total number of atoms.

Integrating both sides, we get: ln N(t) = -Kt C C is the constant of integration that we can often ignore, but not here.

If the rocks have an interbedded lava flow or volcanic ash bed, it's gold.

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The older our sample is, the more daughter isotope it will contain relative to the parent.If you don't have minerals with those elements, you can't date the rock.

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