Rush limbaugh dating cnn anchor

15-Nov-2017 09:56

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After playing a clip of Republican candidate John Kasich denouncing GOP frontrunner Donald Trump for violence at his rallies and creating a “toxic environment,” CNN anchor Poppy Harlow tried to corner her interview subject, Ohio GOP chairman Matt Borges. ” Borges amended his earlier assertion from Clinton herself to her campaign.

“But what about those who argue, ‘Where was Kasich? But Borges took the conversation in a direction Harlow apparently wasn’t expecting. “I think it’s well documented that that was, in fact, where this all came from, the 2008 primary that the Clinton campaign started these rumors about Barack Obama,” he replied, “and they were still able to come together as a family for the Democratic party.” Harlow brought the subject to a halt, noting that “we’re gonna move on, but Hillary Clinton never asked for the president’s, you know, then-Senator Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

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The 2016 presidential election made the question of media credibility in America central to political discussions — mainstream media bias and the influence of so-called "fake news" have been hotly debated over the past year.

Liberal-leaning outlets like Mother Jones and Think Progress also rank lower than major media players like The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

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He gives ,000 a year to the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York, and another ,000 to Catholic charities.And recent surveys have shown that many of the biggest US news outlets aren't very trusted across the board, and the right is especially skeptical of mainstream media.