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23-Aug-2017 18:53

Other primary prevention efforts led by the Sexual Assault Prevention Program include The Red Flag Campaign posters to identify red flags of dating violence, innovative programs to promote healthy relationships and bystander intervention, and enlistment of student volunteers as peer consultants and leaders in prevention programs. In the event of a sexual assault, the counseling center provides crisis counseling, intervention and referral services to assist victims.

For more details, contact the Sexual Assault Prevention Coordinator at (804) 524-5939.

Not addressing your own feelings may make it difficult to offer strength and support to the survivor.

Survivors of sexual assault or childhood sexual abuse sometimes find it helpful to talk about their feelings with others who have had similar experiences.

All groups are time limited, and address a variety of issues related to sexual violence.

Discussion topics may include: guilt, shame, fear, anger, trust, self-esteem and relationships with family and friends.

Sexual harassment is unwanted and unwelcome sexual behavior.

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Sexual harassment may result from words or conduct of a sexual nature that offend, stigmatize, demean, frighten, or threaten you because of your sex.Incidents of sexual harassment may cause the target to feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, or threatened.

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