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Maddox expended over 280 3-inch and 5-inch shells in a sea battle. The outcome of these two incidents was the passage by Congress of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which granted President Lyndon B.Johnson the authority to assist any Southeast Asian country whose government was considered to be jeopardized by "communist aggression".and Maddox radioed she was under attack from the three boats, closing to within 10 nautical miles (19 km; 12 mi), while located 28 nautical miles (52 km; 32 mi) away from the North Vietnamese coast in international waters.Maddox stated she had evaded a torpedo attack and opened fire with its five-inch (127 mm) guns, forcing the torpedo boats away.For the maritime portion of the covert operation, a set of fast patrol boats had been purchased quietly from Norway and sent to South Vietnam.In 1963 three young Norwegian skippers traveled on a mission in South Vietnam.After suppressing Vietminh political cadres who were legally campaigning between 19 for the promised elections, Diem faced a growing communist-led uprising that intensified by 1961, headed by the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam (NLF, or Viet Cong).

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The accords mandated, among other measures, a temporary ceasefire line, intended to separate Vietnamese and French forces, and elections to determine the future political fate of the Vietnamese within two years.The North Vietnamese claimed that Maddox was hit by one torpedo, and one of the American aircraft had been shot down.